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ClearSite Windshield: On-site Replacement or Repair…Fast


ClearSite Windshield is your premiere
windshield repair company in Cleveland, Ohio.

Have you been looking through a cracked windshield for a long time? Besides being annoying, that crack does impair your vision and structurally compromises your safety while driving. Don’t worry though, ClearSite Windshield offers quick, on-site windshield repairs and replacement—most times for less than the cost of a ticket.!

Our trained staff will come to your home or workplace and replace your windshield or any other auto glass—on your schedule!

ClearSite Windshield’s Lifetime Warranty

All repairs provided by ClearSite Windshield are guaranteed for the lifetime of the windshield. If the damage spreads and can not be re-repaired, the total amount of the original repair will be refunded. Any fees paid by the insurance company for the repair will be refunded to the insurance company. Fees paid personally will be refunded as a credit toward a windshield at a shop of the customer’s choice.